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Math Sequences

Exploration Description

We will use paper structures to explore the concept of sequence.  We will analyze the behavior of a sequence using algebraic techniques as well as visualization of its graph. Arithmetic, geometric and other important mathematical sequences will be explained and used to model real life situations.  We will introduce the basic tools needed  to graph with Python.  At the end of the course the learner will be able to generate elements of a sequence, graph them, and make predictions based on its trends.


  • Define a sequence.

  • Distinguish arithmetic, geometric, and other type of sequences.  

  • Graphing of sequences using Python.

  • Determining patterns either algebraically or through data analysis.

  • Applying these concepts to real life situations.



  • Basic multiplication and use of exponents.

  • Basic understanding of graphing ordered pairs and functions in the x-y-coordinate plane.

  • Personal laptop with at least a RAM: 4GB, CPU: Dual core 1GHz, Browser: Safari 13, Microsoft Edge 93, Google Chrome 93 or Mozilla Firefox 70 GPU: A decent iGPU or dedicated GPU.*


AGE RANGE 12 yrs and older.

TIME DURATION: 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours, depending on age and depth desired.

* The 2 and 4 hour exploration does not include Python use, therefore no laptop required.

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