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Events and Workshops

Pi Day
March 14th 2024


This Pi Day, we explored infinity with three math enthusiast groups. Participants approximated Pi through hands-on activities like the "3 1/7 of a diameter", folding paper and though, and performing Buffon's Needle experiment. They even created art connecting concepts such as circle packing and infinity. One group baked apple pies inspired by their designs! Thanks to Bridges to Science for sponsoring some of these at the North Channel Public Houston Library and our MttP location.

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The year of the 

Solids of revolution and volumes.

What a great day at the Kendall Library!  We all learned about length, area and volume. Our enthusiastic participants explored the relation between cubic centimeters and ounces, and how to calculate the volume of a cylinder.  They added various cylinders with a very small heigth, to find volumes of larger solids.  One of them being the dragon they constructed.

They also solve some puzzles involving graph theory, algebra and geometry.
Thank you all for your participat

Mathematicians through time.

Series #2: Hypatia of Alexandria

We had lots of fun interviewing Hypatia, who told us how she discover and fell in love with mathematics.  Hyaptia explained to us how important was for her to share her knowledge as a teacher to all who wanted to learn, no matter their background or social status.  She was an amazing teacher, who was loved and respected by all her students, but the other philosophers and mathematicians of her time.  Hypatia showed us how to construct an ellipse and the meaning of sum of focal radii.  As an extra she explained the use of the astrolobe in the study of the stars.  Our participants were young, but very intereseted in learning the math behind the stars, thank you for joining us this great day!  

Florence Nightingale Event.png

through time.

Our first stop: Florence 
Nightingale.  An exiting evening where we learned about Florence road to founding nursing schools in England, and her statistical contribution of gathering hospital data and presenting it using her famous cox-comb charts. Thank you to all our enthusiastic participants!  

Houston ArbOOretum
family Event
October 2023

What a wonderful opportunity to gather with Houston families, sorrounded by the beautiful nature of the Arboretum.
We had a table with tessellations, and Halloween puzzles based on Freese's dissections of a Hexagon.  Our feature item was the newly discover monotile: the einstein hat.  We were eager to share our new cotton bag with the Fibonacci sequence cat on it.  Popular as always were the Origami Monsters and Pumpkins.
Thank you all for participating and visiting our table!

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2023 Houston Science Festival

Our Non-profit friend Bridges to Science invite us to participate in the Houston Science Festival: Casa to College.  Where 420 attendees of all ages participated in a variety of hands-on science activities, demonstrations, career panels, and workshops.  We brought the joy of Origami - Nasa Spatial Beam - and Kirigami - rotating circles and the connection with 3D Nano-stress properties.  In addition we discuss the magic of cylindrical mirrors and the importance of tessellations in finding patterns to describe scientific properties.

We thank our host Bridges to Science and their sponsors Vela Fund to make this a great event for our Houston community.

Mother's Day
and Latin Square

May 2023

We were invited by Bridges to Science to provide a workshop for Mother's Day.  It was an honor to celebrate, with this enthusiastic group of families, this important occasion.
Our workshop included the introduction to permutations, and the concept of Latin square as a square matrix nxn, where n elements are used.  We discussed the connection with real life applications, such as the Sudoku game and the correction of codes in broad band internet signals.   The families weaved their own Latin Square to be used as a photo frame.  We celebrated with cookies and tea.  Our math interns taught the families some origami techniques to create beautiful flowers and butterflies.

Sponsored by Bridges to Science, VELA Education Fund and MathHappens Foundation.
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National Pi Day
March 2023

We opened our doors, in collaboration with Bridges to Science, Math Circles of Houston, and the MathHappens Foundation to celebrate National Pi Day.  Our enthusiastic visitors took part in designing patterns with intersecting circles, creating bookmarks using spirograph designs, and discovering geometric probability using paper rockets.  After exploring the other math displays, the energetic participants left with an oatmeal cream "pie" in their goodie bags.

Valentine's Math Day
February 2023

We loved hosting a local Girl Scout troup for Valentine's.  Girls enjoyed stacking small and large scale blocks to form animal figures, discovering symmetries with a book mirror, and creating their own designs with these symmetries.  Girls were eager to color tiles to form beautiful tessellations.
The troup liked the free time they had discovering the many other math displays we have in our location.

Event hosted in collaboration with MathHappens Foundation.
Valentine's 23.png
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Holiday Math Day.
December 2022

Our first math event at our location!  Lots of fun with kirigami and origami snowflakes, a scavenger hunt with challenging and cool math problems.  The visitors created their own ornaments with Koch's snowflakes and icosahedrons, decorated with geometric figures our arithmetic sequence tree, and enjoyed a photo shoot with our icosahedron snow man.
We all enjoy lots of math surprises, and some sugar cookies with hot cocoa.

Event hosted in collaboration with MathHappens Foundation
Math treats, tricks and puzzles.
October 2022

We were present at the Family 'Arbooretum' Event.
In collaboration with  the MathHappens Foundation, families enjoyed combinatoric puzzles, rotating wheel effect disks, mirror projections, and the popular tiling snow flakes and other geometry figures
with colorful tiles.
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