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Transformations with

Exploration Description

This exploration introduces the rigid and non-rigid transformations of objects in two dimensions.  Participants will create their own diagrams using GeoGebra or Desmos and use translations, reflections, and dilations to create the illusion of movement .  At the end of the exploration participants will be able to algebraically write new coordinates and graph transformed figures, and use the basic tools of transformations in both GeoGebra and Desmos Apps.  For young participants where the use of a computer is not applicable, the exploration can be modified to a paper activity to simulate movement.


  • Define rigid and non-rigid transformations.

  • Graph polygons in GeoGebra/Desmos.

  • Use transformation tools in math applications.

  • Write new math coordinates after a transformation is applied.

  • Create the illusion of movement with the math applications.


  • Manipulation of math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and powers.

  • Personal Laptop with at least a RAM: 4GB, CPU: Dual core 1GHz, Browser: Safari 13, Microsoft Edge 93, Google Chrome 93 or Mozilla Firefox 70 GPU: A decent iGPU or dedicated GPU.*

AGE RANGE:  12 year old and older.

TIME DURATION: 2, 3, or 4 hours, depending on age and depth desired.

* The 2 hour exploration does not require a laptop.

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